Charity coast walker passing through Sidmouth appeals for food and shelter

  Posted: 18.09.20 at 13:24 by Joseph Bulmer

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A man from Cambridge who is walking around the coastline of mainland Britain is passing through Sidmouth today and is appealing for help from locals.

Chris Howard, father of three, is walking 11,000 miles around the coast of Britain, all in aid of Children In Need.

Chris is in Sidmouth today and contacted Nub News to ask for help from local residents. He asked Nub News: "I’m looking for people that might want to join me for a section, day or feed or house me for a night.

"I have a set of rules about the journey and will link that in a blog post but the basics are very simple; I must walk the entire distance, I will use bridges or in roads where crossing points dictate, I will navigate by OS map, GPS and the stars.

"I’m heading clockwise from North Norfolk so really I just have to keep the sea on my left. I’ll document my experiences as I go wherever connection allows and I’ll be foraging for food as well as taking food donations along the way.

"I have three amazing children of my own and I want to inspire them and others to always push their limits and help others. I’ve chosen Children In Need because they support so many children and young people organisations reaching every corner of the UK.

"This is a challenge that will test me both physically and mentally. Long periods of walking alone in all weathers, I’ll walk for as long as I can each day. I will mainly sleep outdoors in a sleeping bag and bivvy. I hope to be offered a bed, sofa or shed occasionally but otherwise I’m surviving day to day on what I can carry."

Chris added: "Getting home to my family is my motivation to do it as quickly as I can."

If you can help Chris, fancy walking a section of coastal path with him or would like to sponsor him, click here for more information.

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