Councillor seeking weight restriction on A375 through Sidbury and Sidford

  Posted: 07.10.19 at 17:27 by Hannah Corfield

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Sidmouth County Councillor Stuart Hughes has taken the first steps to try to secure a weight restriction on the A375 through Sidbury to the traffic light junction at Sidford Cross.

Cllr Hughes is requesting that consideration be given to introducing a 7.5 tonne limit on the A375, which would be signed from Honiton and Putts Corner to the north and at Sidford Cross to the south at the A375 junction to the A3052 near the Rising Sun.

If implemented, all HGV’s over 7.5 tonnes including 40 tonne HGV’s using the A375 travelling to Sidmouth would need to take a signed diversion route, possibly at Daisymount. It wouldn’t however stop such vehicles from deliveries within the weight limit restriction.

Cllr Hughes said: “There has been considerable concerns expressed by the local residents and especially those who live adjacent to the highway of both Sidbury and School Street Sidford over the increase in HGV’s using the A375 route through their communities and further increases on the unsuitable sections of highway with narrow pinch points was a reason the County Council objected to the application for the B8 Distribution element of the Business Park application on the outskirts of Sidford.

Whilst the governments planning Inspector allowed the appeal he did however refer to the problems further HGV movements would cause and it therefore makes sense for a 7.5 tonne restriction to be applied”

Cllr Hughes went on to site both Honiton Town Centre and Lyme Regis on the A3052 who both have 7.5 tonne restrictions accept for access through them.

Those diverted HGV's were using the A358 from Axminster to A3052 Boshill Cross.

County Officers are now looking at the request.

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