Face masks for Sidmouth shoppers – Town council looks to protect shop workers

  Posted: 21.05.20 at 13:22 by Joseph Bulmer

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Sidmouth Town Council has written to businesses in the town offering to buy face masks for shops to give out to their customers.

The face masks would not be profit making exercise for the council but shops would be asked to charge customers 50p per mask ‘to enable supplies to be replenished’.

Sidmouth Town Council is hoping the move will protect shop workers, residents and make the town safer for locals and visitors alike.

Town clerk Christopher Holland told businesses: “Councillors have asked me to write to you because they realise that with the gradual relaxation of ‘lock down’, the Sid Valley can expect an increase in visitors coming to Sidmouth.

“While this will bring some well needed business back to Sidmouth, the Council must balance the positives with awareness that COVID-19 transmission is still a possibility and must do what they can to help minimise the risk to workers, residents and visitors and would like your help in doing this.

“Along with new clear signage throughout the town, members believe the best strategy would be to
present a comprehensive town adopted approach. Councillors would welcome your feedback regarding one possible scheme which is to purchase face coverings/masks that could be supplied to
businesses, for you to ask customers to wear.

“The Council would not make a profit from the masks but would ask you to charge a cost price which would be no more than 50 pence to enable supplies to be replenished without passing on large costs to the local tax payer. Government guidance is already for people to wear face coverings in enclosed public spaces where social distancing is not possible or where they are more likely to come into contact with people they do not normally meet.

“The ‘norm’ to wear a mask when in a confined space such as a shop or office, whilst not demanded by government just yet, seems a prudent way of pre-empting what may become mandatory whilst at the same time helping to reassure both employees, residents and visitors. The message to customers should be that the mask is there to protect the person in the shop or office, rather than the wearer.”

“In order to make future communication for this and the immediate future much easier, we would like to compile a database of up to date contact information, and also consider any ideas or issues you may have.”

Businesses are being asked to complete a simple questionnaire on the scheme, if you would like a copy of the questionnaire please email: [email protected]

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