7 Sidmouth planning applications near you, including Glendevon Hotel change of use, tree fellings due to ash dieback

  Posted: 24.11.21 at 16:23 by Will Goddard

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Below are lists of key planning applications in Sidmouth recently received or decided on by East Devon District Council.

Applications received

1. 12-14 Temple Street Sidmouth EX10 9AY

Replace 1no. door on front (west) elevation. Status: Awaiting decision


2. 43 Woolbrook Park Sidmouth EX10 9DX

Ash (T1) - pollard stems approx 1m above previous coppice points. Tree has had previous limb failures, and, on inspection, it was detected that this lapsed coppiced stem is completely hollow with very thin remaining residual wall which contains longitudinal cracks, and thus in danger of splitting out. Works to alleviate lateral pressure on remaining stem. Please see annotated photographs. Status: Awaiting decision


3. Regis Court Hillside Road Sidmouth

T1 English Oak - Prune to give 2m linear clearance to greenhouse making pruning cuts up to 50mm in diameter
Reason: Tree growing in close proximity to greenhouse and pruning is necessary to achieve adequate clearance to the structure. Status: Awaiting decision


4. The Old Vicarage Salcombe Regis Sidmouth EX10 0JH

T1 Ash dbh 30inches plus, has ADB, located on north side of swiming pool, fell due to ADB
T2 Ash dbh 30inches plus, has ADB, located on south westerly side of property, fell due to ADB
T3 Ash dbh 6 to 10 inches, has ADB (previoulsy coppiced) located on westerly side of swimming pool, fell due to ADB
T4 Holly dbh 15 inches plus, covered in ivy, located above T3 closer to T7 little to no leaf area remaining, coppice due to poor specimen, low amenity value
T5 Laurel dbh 6 inches or less, located to the right of T3, coppice to rejuvenate new shapable growth
T6 Sycamore dbh 12 inches plus, located on fence line above T4, coppice to allow more light around pool and garden area
T7 Beech dbh 3ft plus, located on south westerly side of swimming pool, reduce sail effect by up to 15%, maximum prunning cuts of 75mm, to aid airflow around crown and let more light into garden and pool. Status: Awaiting decision


5. Former Woods Farm Recycling Centre Bowd Sidmouth EX10 0JS

Change of use of land for firewood aging/timber storage and erection of 60ft x 30ft shed to serve the business. Status: Awaiting decision


Applications decided

1. Glendevon Hotel Cotmaton Road Sidmouth EX10 8QX

C1 hotel change of use to C3 dwelling house, demolition of flat roofed rear extension, installation of in-roof photovoltaic panels to main roof and external rendering to side and rear walls. Status: Approved


2. Cutlers Hill House Higher Greenway Lane Sidmouth EX10 0LY

Conversion of outbuilding for use either as annexe or holiday accommodation, including alterations to existing roof to create pitched roof and provision of associated parking area. Status: Approved


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