Ever felt anxious about going to the gym or fitness studio?

  Posted: 14.10.20 at 17:12 by Lauren Clapp - LC Fitness

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If you have you’re not alone, they can be scary places. Many of us worry we are too out of shape, too old, not knowing how to use the equipment - the list goes on.

A massive 50% of non-gym-goers find the idea scary (research from PureGym in 2019). In fact, 25% would rather be in a room with a spider or have an injection that go to the gym!

It doesn't need to be a scary place though. When choosing your gym or fitness studio, chat to the owner or visit first.

Ask questions - for example how many in a class, is it a mixed class, in the gym are there certain times that it’s quieter? So that if you need help you won’t be too intimated to ask for it. Basically you're just reassuring yourself.

Better still, find a friend who will go to the gym or classes with you. Exercising with someone else really encourages and motivates you.

When you do start, don’t put too much pressure on yourselves either; Rome wasn’t built in a day (as they say). Don’t try to do too much too soon. Start low-key and find your feet.

Get a feel for a light gym session or a class which isn’t too intense. If you do push yourself too soon, you may end up either injured or putting yourself off by not being able to keep up with the class (adding to your anxiety levels).

Finally, believe in yourself! No matter what you are doing on your fitness journey, you are doing something. You are taking steps to look after yourself, which will help you keep healthy both physically and mentally.

At LC Fitness, we really pride ourselves on our friendliness and community feel. We have been known to meet outside the gym for social walks and evenings out - something that has, of course, been put on hold for now, but we are hoping will start up again soon.

We always have time for a quick chat and a giggle.

Give us a call to find out more or click here for the website.

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