Public urged to be vigilant following spate of burglaries in East Devon

  Posted: 09.09.19 at 17:15 by Hannah Corfield

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Police are urging the public to be vigilant with security following a spate of burglaries in East Devon.

Detective Inspector Grant Leitch said: “We have seen a number of burglaries being carried out on non-dwelling premises in places such as Crediton and Silverton as well as Mid Devon recently and are advising owners of security measures.

“At this time, we have reason to believe that these crimes may have been carried out by the same individuals.

“Our advice includes improving specific locks on any outbuildings and making sure the approach to outbuildings are more secure; locking gates for example.

“It would also be useful to security mark items and record any serial numbers on any potentially identifiable items. Security measures such as lighting and alarms would also be advised.

“The spate of burglaries has shown a particular interest in chainsaws, garden machinery, power tools, some push bikes and potentially motorbikes and quad bikes. Additional security on these items in particular would be good.

“We are also advising the public to be mindful of forensics. If items have been handled by suspects, then those items may offer opportunities.

"Things like cut padlocks, abandoned stolen property, foot marks and vehicle tracks should all be protected from the elements and minimally handled until police attend.

“It is very likely that a decent size vehicle is involved in transporting items; any such transit van or other large backed motor vehicle could be of interest if incongruous.

"That might simply be a vehicle parked for no apparent reason in a strange location. It might even be a vehicle stationary with occupants in it.

"Making a note of registration plates may aid us in the investigation.

“Community intelligence will always be useful. This may take the form of specific or general information."

If you notice anyone suspicious checking out locations in your areas, then this should be recorded and reported to police via [email protected] or by calling 101 quoting CR/079506/19.

For more information on securing outbuildings please click the red button below.

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