Sidmouth College appeals for unwanted laptops to help students learn at home

  Posted: 12.01.21 at 16:44 by Philippa Davies

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People with unused or unwanted laptops are being asked to donate them to Sidmouth College, to enable students to learn at home during the Covid lockdown.

While schools are having to close to all but the children of key workers, students are expected to use remote learning resources, accessed via a laptop or similar device – but some students don’t have this equipment at home.

A few days ago, Sidmouth Primary School also appealed for donations of old laptops, and was overwhelmed by the response: Read more here

Now, Sidmouth College is also hoping members of the community will be willing to hand over equipment they no longer need.

College principal Sarah Parsons said: “We ask that laptops are in working condition and are running Microsoft software (not Macbooks).

“Our IT department will wipe these before they go out to students so personal information will be erased and our own software installed.

“The College will not be able to return donations in the future due to licensing restrictions, we can only install software on machines owned by the College.

“If members of the community would like to donate to the College, there is a box in Reception for these to be dropped off.

College head teacher Sarah Parsons

Anyone who has any queries is asked to contact Mrs Carr on [email protected]

Any donations would be greatly appreciated and we’d like to thank the community for their continued support.

Chris Lockyear is one of the College’s governors as well as being a town councillor.

He said: “I’m sure there are lots of people with laptops which are not being used, which could be used. It’s important that kids have access to equipment to help them learn.

“It’s good use of something that otherwise would be gathering dust in a cupboard.”

The response to an appeal for unwanted laptops to help Sidmouth children learn at home has been described as ‘breathtaking’. Sidmouth C...