Super Sidmouth Slimming World member retains her dream target weight through lockdown

  Posted: 11.01.21 at 15:43 by Harriet Steptoe

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Gill Vosper, a carer, 64, married with four children and six grandchildren, has maintained her dream target weight since reaching her target in September 2018.

Gill has struggled with her weight all her life and as a teenager her mother had to make her clothes. Throughout her life Gill has tried other weight loss organisations and has lost weight, but have found these not sustainable by not having the help and support from a group.

Gill and her friend joined Slimming World in January 2018 after seeing a poster advertising the group. Gill had gained all her weight and thought this was going to be the last chance to lose the weight for good. Gill sadly lost her mother and her sister to cancer so it was really important to her to lose weight and have a healthy lifestyle. Gill was suffering from pain in her knees and in her back and knew this was mainly down to the weight that she had gained.

When Gill arrived at Slimming World she was feeling embarrassed and nervous. She didn’t feel comfortable in meeting new people and has never liked being the centre of attention. She was also feeling very worried about what she now weighed, but when she arrived she was immediately made to feel welcome, and felt at ease.

Gill reached her target weight in nine months after losing a fantastic 2st 13lb and has never looked back. She has maintained her target since then, even through a lovely holiday abroad and lockdown. What helps Gill stay at target is going to group each week and staying to group to get that extra help and support each week. You get great ideas from the group, share recipes and top tips. Also reading other inspirational stories from other Slimming World members through Slimming Worlds Lifelineonline. Gill says this is the key! Gill has also got to know so many members of the group and has made friends with them. They have all stuck together through this challenging year.

Gill's husband also enjoys slimming success

Gill before weight loss

Gill’s husband Tony was inspired by Gill starting to lose weight and also joined Slimming World himself in February 2018 and lost 1st 5lb and reached his target in March 2019. They have both adapted the way they eat, still enjoying a piece of cake if they fancy, but share a piece. Nothing is banned, it’s a lifestyle change and they love the Slimming World recipes, and have adapted other recipes by making swaps. From Tony losing his weight this has really helped a lot with managing his asthma. The best thing that has happened is that Gill now feels in control in the way that she eats and never feels that she is missing out. Gill loves clothes shopping and now picks up things that she never would have looked at before. She has gone from a size 16-18 to a size 12.

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