‘Unruly behaviour’ on Sidmouth’s Clifton Beach – Councillor calls for new bylaws

  Posted: 29.06.20 at 10:08 by Joseph Bulmer

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Anti-social behaviour on Sidmouth’s Clifton Beach has prompted a local councillor to call for bylaws to be ‘fast tracked’ to prevent drinking and loud music on the beach.

Sidmouth East Devon District councillor Stuart Hughes is calling on the the district council to introduce two bylaws to prevent a repeat of scenes that have recently taken place on Clifton Beach which he has received several complaints about from local residents. Residents have been appalled at the behaviour of large groups of young people congregating there during the recent heatwave.

Some evenings up to 100 people have been gathering on the beach with small portable BBQ’s, some have also been lighting fires along the beach, littering and using ‘beat box radios’.

“The complaints I’ve received have expressed concerns over the behaviour and foul language from some of those gathered on the beach,” said councillor Hughes.

“They have also been lining empty bottles up and throwing stones smashing them which is also a potential hazard for children and other beach users. I contacted Alison Hernandez and asked if the police could keep a watchful eye on what’s happening, however I know they are stretched especially with lock down being relaxed.

“I am therefore asking East Devon to see if bylaws can be fast tracked to prevent drinking and use of loud beat box radios along with a dedicated area being introduced for BBQ’s” said Cllr Hughes.

“As we come out of lock down it’s important we do everything we can to kick start the local economy and with hotels reopening later this week we need to show Sidmouth in its best light.

“Unfortunately the type of recent behaviour does nothing for our image.”

Nub News has contacted East Devon District Council for more information.

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