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OPINION: In, out, shake it all about! Working under the new restrictions

Posted: 24.09.20 by Sue Cockayne - East Devon HR Opinion

Are you feeling a sense of déjà vu; fed up with doing the hokey cokey or do you think it’s the right move to send your employees back to working f...

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Tips on keeping fit and getting back to the gym as lock down restrictions ease

Posted: 03.06.20 by Lauren Clapp - LC Fitness Opinion

As we go to press, it looks like life will look a little more normal from early July - especially for the health and fitness industry. But naturally i...

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Is the coronavirus lock down the rebirth of community?

Posted: 10.05.20 by Eleanor Rylance - Liberal Democrat Parliamentary spokesperson for East Devon Opinion

I live in an extraordinary ordinary community, just like yours. Up and down the country, every hamlet, village, street, borough, estate and block has ...

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Tips on staying fit, healthy and mentally well under lock down

Posted: 01.05.20 by Lauren Clapp - LC Fitness Opinion

We’ve had some really lovely messages at LC Fitness from people doing our online classes during these tough times. Lock down is hard and not look...

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How are you keeping in touch with your employees?

Posted: 22.04.20 by Sue Cockayne - East Devon HR Opinion

Business is all about people, at the moment people are juggling a lot – trying to work from home if they are still working, worrying about work if t...

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How to keep mentally and physically fit during lockdown

Posted: 31.03.20 by Lauren Clapp - LC Fitness Opinion

Keeping fit and healthy – both mentally and physically – is tough right now. The gyms are closed, we’re unable to see friends and family, and ma...

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'Furloughed workers' explained - East Devon HR

Posted: 25.03.20 by Sue Cockayne - East Devon HR Opinion

In an ever-changing situation, how can employers choose the best option for the future of their business and their employees? The Covid-19 outbreak...

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Ottery St Mary residents rally together to look after their community 'in time of need'

Posted: 16.03.20 by Josefina Gori Opinion

In the last few days listening to all the news of the development of the Corona virus around the world I have been brought back to my days at universi...

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'Do not dismiss the benefits of Yoga and Pilates' says Sidmouth fitness guru

Posted: 24.02.20 by Lauren Clapp - LC Fitness Opinion

Don’t discount the benefits of Yoga, Pilates and flexibility training. If you think keeping fit and training are all about the fast cardio think ...

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