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How to keep mentally and physically fit during lockdown

Posted: 31.03.20 by Lauren Clapp - LC Fitness Opinion

Keeping fit and healthy – both mentally and physically – is tough right now. The gyms are closed, we’re unable to see friends and family, and ma...

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'Furloughed workers' explained - East Devon HR

Posted: 25.03.20 by Sue Cockayne - East Devon HR Opinion

In an ever-changing situation, how can employers choose the best option for the future of their business and their employees? The Covid-19 outbreak...

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Ottery St Mary residents rally together to look after their community 'in time of need'

Posted: 16.03.20 by Josefina Gori Opinion

In the last few days listening to all the news of the development of the Corona virus around the world I have been brought back to my days at universi...

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'Do not dismiss the benefits of Yoga and Pilates' says Sidmouth fitness guru

Posted: 24.02.20 by Lauren Clapp - LC Fitness Opinion

Don’t discount the benefits of Yoga, Pilates and flexibility training. If you think keeping fit and training are all about the fast cardio think ...

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OPINION: Young workers are missing out on basic employment rights

Posted: 08.02.20 by Sue Cockayne - East Devon HR Opinion

Many young workers in East Devon are missing out on basic employment rights and pay writes Sue Cockayne of East Devon HR, based in Sidbury. *******...

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Help! I’ve fallen off the fitness bandwagon

Posted: 29.01.20 by Lauren Clapp - LC Fitness Opinion

New Year has been and gone, and January has stretched on for about 649 days (or so it feels). Your mojo packed up and left weeks ago, it’s dark, ...

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Risks rise as more services are cut in latest county council care budget - councillor warns

Posted: 28.01.20 by Claire Wright - Devon County Councillor for the Otter Valley. Opinion

“This is a really tight budget and it’s getting harder to find savings. This is the hardest one so far.” Those were the words of Jennie Steph...

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Sidmouth: Traditional but not stuck in the past

Posted: 24.01.20 by The Editor Opinion

Sidmouth Nub News recently attracted more than 1,000 likes to our Facebook page. To celebrate this milestone we’ve put an article together celeb...

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Residents should 'accept' Beach Management Plan is in 'the best interests of Sidmouth'

Posted: 22.01.20 by John Loudoun - District Councillor Sidmouth Rural Ward Opinion

I have been meaning to post something about the Sidmouth Beach Management Plan for a little while as I have been concerned about the reaction that som...

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Exercise Before Breakfast: Is it really worth the early alarm?

Posted: 29.11.19 by Lauren Clapp - LC Fitness Opinion

Fitness instructors, personal trainers, and pretty much everyone else in the health and fitness industry get asked a lot of the same questions. But wi...

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